Sunday, February 3, 2013

Graceland Gems and California Musings...

So, we did it!  We drove cross country this past week, arriving in California last night.  I antiqued a little along the way, specifically in Nashville, Memphis, and Albuquerque. 

 By far, I felt that Memphis had the most to offer and I will definitely be going back there on vacation.  There were several great shops and fabulous food- BBQ in particular!  Toad Hall Antiques was a lot of fun (fabulous display!) as well as the Antique Warehouse Mall.  Don't be daunted by the outward looks of the later store.  Also, try to ignore both the smell outside and the XXX Movie Theater directly down the street.  It really is a gem.  I found an early 20th century perfume bottle, a vintage pair of ballet slippers, old Antiques Magazines for the car ride, an old jewelry box (I collect the ones that are leather and velvet and were used for specific pieces of jewelry), and a sterling cross from 1897.  So, you see there are some treasures there!

Over view of the Alameda Antiques Faire
Our first day as residents of California, we decided to go to Alameda for the Antiques Faire.  We actually went last month as well just to check it out for my business... The difference between the two days was amazing!  Last month was rainy & cold.  Today was absolutely beautiful!  I was blown away with the quality of dealers and the overall atmosphere at the show... I'm so excited to be a part of this group starting next month:)
Nice Vignette of Romantic Goods
Lots to offer in Jewelry as well


So, tomorrow Gwyneth (My 2 year old) & I plan to visit a couple of local antique stores- I'll keep you updated on what I find!  I just love my job:)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Building a New Nest

Dear Friends, I'm sending this note to my cherished friends and clients with a bittersweet sigh and sense of longing.  My husband started a new job today in Silicon Valley, CA and we will be moving there in only a few short days.  Oh my!  I've already sent out emails to many customers but just in case you didn't get a note, know that I'm thinking of you as I pack my myriad of smalls and head out into the blue unknown.  
I will continue to sell at shows and antique markets and possibly open a booth like I had in both Raleigh, NC and at Hagerstown, MD. In some aspects, however, I am shying away from the booth idea just because I'm not sure I could find the right fit for my merchandise.  My first show will be March 3rd at the huge Alameda Flea Market.  Wish me luck!
If you'd like to come by Flotsam and Jetsam one last time, I'd love to see you.  My last day is this Friday, the 25th.  Merchandise will be packed up Wed- Friday.  Give me a call @ 919-889-5553 to make sure I'm there so I can bid you farewell!

Don't worry though!  I'll still be posting on the blog and acquiring the unusual tidbit and whimsical creation for your own collection...

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Little Naughty... A Little Nice

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I've posted!  Oh me, oh my!  Well, life sometimes just gets in the way of the best intentions... Gwyneth (my 19 month old) has been walking and talking like crazy.  She does something new everyday.  And my business has been chugging along.  October and November were both slow months- Did any of you other proprietors notice that?  But December sales are strong -- Hopefully a sign of things to come.  

I did want to share some images of the shop as well as a few wonderful things I've recently found...
 So, this is a little overview of one area- I'm so pleased with how it turned out!  I had a dear little elf (a tall one to be sure) help me put up the quilt- I think it really ties in well with the space.  The small cabinet is adorable - Perfect for all my bits and pieces.  
 Here's a shot of my back room... I think it's finally come together.  I just love the cigar cabinet.  A really wonderful piece that I purchased from Tiara Day (which is fabulous by the way!).  I desperately want to make a trip there before Santa arrives.
 Now for a few detail pictures.  The above Christmas mercury balls are splendid... And so very fragile.  Sadness ensued when I broke 2 of them getting into the shop one morning.  But these are the survivors... They are a really great size.  Much larger than the small ones that are relatively common.
 Here's a little snippet of one of my mannequins.  I just love this Masonic collar.  Really great color!
 I wanted to share this idea with all you shop owners (and jewelry lovers).  I took an old Victorian photo album that stands on its own and used it as a display for my brooches.  The book is not in very good condition so the pin holes don't deter from its value.  But a really clever idea if I do say so myself:)
 I also want to highlight a few wonderful little things I've recently acquired... Like this AMAZING pre 1920 owl German Christmas light.  It's just perfect!  I had a Father Christmas and a Pierrot clown but both of those already sold.  They are so very rare.  My Christmas book doesn't even have an image of the owl! 
 And what about this stunning Art Nouveau Unger Brothers sterling silver pendant?  Look at the detail!  I just love this piece... A real find at a show from The Pink Poet!

 And last but not least something a little naughty:)  This is a Japan turtle lady... Who opens up to reveal a surprise!  I had one from Germany (which usually has the best quality) but this one is a nice piece and above average for a Japan example.
So hopefully Santa will bring this little naughty to a nice little antiquer!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the shop and some of my treasures.  Please inquire about anything you see and let me know if you have questions.  And I hope to keep up with my posts a little better!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tokens of Memory

Early 20th Century Saint and Frame
  What do you cherish?  What is important to you?

Our faith, our families, our careers... These are the cornerstones of our lives.  My job as an antique dealer is to find objects which reflect these significant parts of our world.   Pieces which remind us of our childhood, our fond memories...

 It's the story behind these pieces- Essentially, the people behind the objects- that make them special.

German Little Boy "Planter", Velvet Puzzle Ball, Green Rhinestone Button Set and Beautiful Natural Photograph of Little Girl

Folk Art Bird and Aforementioned Religious Piece

Blue Milk Glass Frame and French MOP Opera Glasses
I walked around the shop this afternoon taking pictures of some of my favorite pieces.  I'm sure each one has a story to tell- A token of memory....  

I hope you will stop by and browse the trove of trinkets I have collected to bring history into your decor. 
Large Grouping of European Catholic Charms

Right now, I'm particularly fond of antique frames, mother of pearl buttons, and French postcards....  What's on your list?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fascinating Treasures and New Acquisitions

 Fall in Love With Antiques~ Visit Flotsam and Jetsam!
Vintage and Antique Children's Toys and Accessories
 I've completely revamped the store and have all new displays and merchandise.  I've brought in collections of vintage stuffed animals, buttons, and ephemera.  Also, new jewelry and books!  You just must come see what I've been up to...

A Fabulous Wall Covered With Old French Newspapers and Etchings/Engravings
This particular wall display really turned out nicely.  I just love the folk art deer head!
Oh So Sparkly!  A Wonderful Collection of Silver and Gold Decorative Items

 I'm particularly fond of the silver and gold arrangement.  It really sparkles and highlights the collection of silverplate, sterling, and mercury glass. 
A Closeup of the Gilded Display -- And a Bit of Handmade Jewelry from The Lady and the Librarian!
A Vintage Suitcase Filled With Treasures

More goodies- Including a New Selection of English Teacups and Saucers

I also brought in a large collection of vintage English cups and saucers- One is particularly rare and features a sailing ship- You simply have to see it!

So, come by and "Fall" in love with *"vintiquing"!

*A phrase combining the words vintage and antique; the word was coined by British home magazine Home and Antiques.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Latest Guilty Pleasures

Very excited to start reading this book... I found the author through her blog Mabel's House (which is absolutely fabulous).  I highly recommend reading her wax poetic about life.
 Just signed up for Jeanne Oliver's new class, Creatively Made Home.  It starts up in Oct. so you still have plenty of time to sign up-- I recently finished her business e-course and it was really worth it.  Not only did it encourage me to start both Constant Contact (a business marketing email service) but also made me think more about my business Facebook page and blog. 
 Can we say cute... Once again, Neatcurios on Etsy has brought the goods.  Just bought this little guy this month.  He's wonderful!  I have him in my kitchen perched on a marbleized 19th c. box with a small hand forged key swinging nearby... Makes me so happy!
 Want, need, must buy.  But sadly, cannot until I sell some flotsam and jetsam:).  The ring and earrings are from Abandoned Memory on Etsy.  I am IN LOVE with these pieces.  All handwork- Amazing detail.  I just love the sense of history encompassed in the tintypes.  Must save trusty pennies.

 French Sentiments... Even the name takes one back to another time and place.  Kathy Barrick's latest creation is so much fun!  She actually sourced the spider at Flotsam and Jetsam!  Kathy's work is not only online.  I also carry her pieces at the shop so stop by to peruse her creations...
 Toot.  That's toot as in foot, not toot as in boot.  How fabulous is this?  A new British blog with the most intriguing, even occasionally cheeky, look at antiques.  I love her perspective and how she takes us through her car boot purchases.
 Jeanne Oliver's new collection is a modern twist on vintage... I bought the Amelia Messenger Bag on a whim.  I thought it would be perfect for foraging thru flea markets- Lots of room to stash antique and vintage finds.  Visit her blog for more info on winning a $500 package from the line.

So, this is a little peek into the life of me.  Hope you enjoyed the randomness!