Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bits and Baubles

Long time no see, eh? Time has flown by - I've visited a few of you but have much catching up to do. The shop has kept me on my toes - Thank heavens I have good shoes!

For Vintage Thingy Thursday, I wanted to talk about a few items I have in the shop. For your convenience (and for those of you too far away to visit) I've listed these bits on Etsy. I've added a gadget on the left hand side that will lead you straight to my goodies.

Silver and Black Art Deco Enamel Buckles
$1 each
I purchased these fabulous miniature Art Deco Buckles last year in an auction lot. They hail from an estate in the north eastern part of the United States. Very interesting for mixed media jewelry - Would make fantastic clasps for bracelets and necklace. Even a focal piece for a simple design.

Gold and Brown Art Deco Buckles
$1 each
Rusty Old Keys
$2 each
Old Rusty Goodness. I currently have 30+ medium sized keys just waiting to be used in vintage jewelry! At this price, they're flying out the door.
Communion/Wedding Vintage Pre WWII German Diecut
.60 cents each
This is a really unusual diecut that has character. I believe it was first used for either confirmation or communion events. I personally think it would be great for a bridal piece. Really good quality German paper.
Leprechaun Diecuts - Vintage c. 1940
12 count $4
The luck of the Irish to ya! I only have 2 packs of these cute little fellows. Once these are gone, I don't believe I will find any more. Once again, great German quality paper and detail.
Vintage c. 1940 Santa Diecuts
6 count; $4
These pieces are wonderful pre WWII and very finely detailed. I have several packs of these - They would be fantastic for Christmas cards and scrapbook projects.
Fabulous! Vintage Jack o Lantern German diecuts c. 1940
12 count; $4
I saved the best for last- Just look at these wonderful Pre WWII German beauties! These were purchased at the original factories and have been in storage for over 60 years.

So, I hope you enjoyed looking at all these baubles and curiosities - I promise to have more soon. I'm always on the hunt for the good stuff!