Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summertime Glory

Fun Accessories Including a Vintage Bench, Wooden Pepsi Crate, and 48 Star Flag
 Just wanted to give a glimpse of the shop window in all it's "Summertime Glory".  We've decorated  with a 48 star flag, a vintage American drum table, a Victorian child's faux bamboo desk, and a myriad of patriotic accessories. 

 New acquisitions to the shop include military postcards and vintage c. 1940/50 children's books along side a fun c. 1920 boater hat and tons of fabulous European lace. 

We hope you'll visit us over the next several weeks- We'll be adding new auction finds in addition to estate purchases....

Stay cool!

English Medal Prints, Child's Faux Bamboo Desk, American Legion Flag

Window Vignette Featuring Ogee Mirror, Japanese Wooden Tray, English Blue Willow and Vintage Hat

Eastlake Style Vanity with English Dresser Set

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Look What Ive Found!

   Wanted to share my latest acquisitions with you.  Some really fabulous finds, one of which is this American mid 19th c. single plank bench... Amazing.  Purchased from the daughter of a former antiques dealer, this is really a special find.
Fabulous Mid 19th Century American Bench made from one plank of wood- $915    

 What about these sketches... As you probably already know, I LOVE portraits, especially those of women.  These are from the 1920s-1960s and are real treasures. I plan on doing a window with them in the up and coming months.
Beautiful mid 20th c. portraits from a sketch book- $13 each
 I just love Old Paris porcelain.  This little girl is completely handpainted and truly fabulous.  So delicate, so "Frenchy".... And what about that Chinese plate- A great backdrop for your treasures or an accent piece for a wall.
Chinese Nanking Soup Bowl c. 1800 $20 as is, Fabulous handpainted Old Paris figurine c. 1880 $72

 Don't you just love old frames?  This one is really special and has a great image.  The bow is what I find so appealing.  
Early 20th c. frame, $45

Look at all the smalls!  The case was recently redone and I'm so pleased with the display...
 I just rearranged the case and put new things on display.  I have fallen in love with the result.  So many tiny things to take home!  So many little objects to make your heart go pitter-patter...

Another shot of our cases... Lots of treasures to discover!

 So, stop by soon to see all that we have to offer.  We also have a 60% off sale on select items... Get them before we ship them to auction!  Have a fabulous, vintage day... And don't forget to shop at your local antique stores:)