Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toast to a New Year!

Here are some fabulous New Years cards... I've been hunting high and low for great images and these seemed to fit the bill. I'm not familiar with the salt and bluebird tradition- Perhaps someone knows about this antiquated custom?

Hope that everyone has the happiest of New Years filled with kisses from loved ones and toasts to new beginnings. I'll have to think of some New Years resolutions and share them with you all- What are your plans for this new year? Any resolutions for you?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Warm Fuzzies"

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry it's a day late but we've been traveling up and down the East coast for the past week with little to no internet access. But I hope everyone had a glorious holiday; I'm certainly looking forward to New Year's as well! My husband and I will be traveling to PA to visit the Brandywine Museum and Longwood Gardens. Each will still be decorated for the holidays. I'm especially looking forward to the museum for its exhibit on illustrators of Alice in Wonderland.
As for this post, I thought I'd include a little gift to you readers - This adorable photograph certainly makes me smile- He (or she) looks rather toasty in this big fur coat. I think this image would be perfect for many a winter craft...
Speaking of crafts, I have some pictures to share soon of the Christmas craft I made with my family this year. We made snowflakes using felt balls and Swarovski crystals - It's not too late to enjoy some time creating with family and friends!
Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys the rest of this holiday season!
Blessings Always ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Merry Time of Year

Thought I would share some images my sister found for me. What wonderful ephemera!

I hope you are all having a bright and merry season. I've just finished wrapping the presents - Not too many this year. I didn't even make it through one roll of wrapping paper! With purse strings being a little tight, our families decided to draw names and just get presents for one member of the family. It sure makes holiday shopping a lot easier.

We still have the traditions to keep us together. For instance, the ladies in my family all play Merry Jingo (which is like Christmas Bingo). We buy fun prizes and have lots of laughs! We're also planning on making a craft this year (I'll be sure to take photos to share with everyone).

So be sure to keep warm this night and think of all the lovely holiday traditions you share with your family. I'd love to hear about them...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making the Season Bright with Vintage Graphics!

Here's more of the Christmas ephemera I promised! This one is a little booklet for the holiday season.

I'd like to start sharing more vintage and antique images each week (perhaps more than one a week if I can find appropriate ephemera). Please let me know if you like these pictures and what other pieces would work for you. I like the format The Graphics Fairy uses (which by the way is a great resource for vintage clip art). My only request is that you give credit to my blog when you use these images in your artwork (specifically when you post the pieces on your blog or on flickr).

Let me know how you are using the ephemera - If you like, I'll post images of your work on my blog!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Isn't She Sweet?

Here's the second installment of the ephemera I've promised to you crafters. This is special card- Lily is meant to be a paper doll that you cut out. Her ribbon is satin -- She's just right for that wonderful project you're working on this Christmas. I bought her especially for my readers- So enjoy and have fun. I do have one set of Christmas themed pieces that I plan to share as well.

Let me know how you're using these images- I'd love to see some crafty goodness come out of my search for interesting ephemera. Also, are there any special requests? I'm constantly on the hunt so let me know what images appeal to you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Romance of a New Year

I found this wonderful post card at the Gaithersburg Doll and Toy show this past weekend. I simply fell in love with its romantic charm. Hope you'll find a great use for it this upcoming New Years... I have 8 more pieces of fabulous ephemera to share with you over the course of the holiday season.
Speaking of romance, I just purchased a large estate of vintage and antique lace for my booth up in Hagerstown, MD. If you're local, be sure to stop by and take a peak at my bits and pieces. Some are simply breath taking!
Other news: Starting to volunteer at the local Prevention of Blindness thrift shop. I'm very excited about this! It's more like a quaint antique store than a second hand store. I begin on Thursday so wish me luck:) Also this week is a show I'm doing at a friend's office. They have an annual fair where workers can come and peruse the wares- I'm looking forward to it!
So, what's new for you? Any thoughts as to what the New Year may hold?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank You

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and prayers. I appreciate each and every one of you!
In honor of brighter days, just wanted to send this little bunny your way. Perhaps he can be used on some cute tag or in a collage. I also have "new" ephemera to share so be sure to stop back by soon for some crafty goodness!
On a side note, the recent trunk show at Ornamentea was a huge success ... Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends. We will be back in the spring with more treasures!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Wishes

Just a post to muse a little on how time flies. I just packed away my Halloween decor and now it's time to put up the Christmas goodies!~

This year is a little different for me than others. It's the first year that I've really struggled consistently with my bi-polar. It seems like a very personal thing to share but I think it's important to not feel ashamed and to help others know they are not alone. Mental illness is just as real as any other disease and it affects thousands of individuals.

My wish for the upcoming year is for things to get back to normal. I long to be my true self and not the quiet, shy person bi-polar has made me. I wish for the meds to be straightened out and for the ability to work consistently without depression. I also want motivation to do the things which I used to enjoy so much... These are my Christmas wishes.

This post is more serious (and revealing) than my normal writings. But sometimes you just run out of things to say and all that's left is the real stuff.

What are your Christmas wishes?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ephemera for Your Holiday Crafting!

Just thought I would share a couple of pieces of my ephemera collection today- These two are some of my favorites! Hopefully you'll be able to use these in your holiday projects...
Up and coming posts include a review of the new location of my favorite store The Pink Poet as well as another entry on a fabulous shop I found in Hawaii! Be sure to check back soon for these articles and more ephemera...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Building Your Nest

One of my favorite things to do in a new locale is to visit antique stores. So, on our recent trip to New Orleans, I stopped in at this wonderfully whimsical establishment called "perch." True happenstance was this encounter! I had no idea such a treasure lie unassumingly on Magazine Street.
Just look at these gorgeous chandeliers ... And the fantastic way they used material to mimic spooky webs for Halloween.

Even though this shot is a little fuzzy, I didn't want to exclude the great color scheme and light fixture.

The displays and arrangement of everything was perfectly eclectic - A very fresh approach to decorating with European antiques.
Perch advertises itself by calling their style "antique-vintage-contemporary interiors." Visit their website and blog here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sacred Stones

I've mentioned my fascination with graveyards before on this blog- Well, what a more fitting season than now to revisit this infatuation?

After work today, I decided to make a little trip to a local cemetery- Won't you come along with me?

Welcome to a place where rest is found - Both for the living and the deceased. A little off color but indeed a fascinating topic. I found a number of early 19th century tombstones that would make lovely rubbings- So worn were the inscriptions that the naked eye had a hard time deciphering the text.Walking among the stones, I was overwhelmed by a sense of calm- With the leaves falling like light snow, I felt showered with peace and tranquility. Kneeling down to touch the worn surfaces, I was struck by how fragile life really is.
The graveyard was quiet yet all around us traffic flew by, each passenger reaching for that next goal. Yet all to soon those goals are met and life slows down... Hauntingly beautiful, life is a journey that often ends with an outward sigh of perhaps and what could have been.
With such melancholy thoughts, what could fit the mood better than the cult classic Interview with a Vampire?I was hoping to read amongst the stones ... A somewhat dark atmosphere for this tale of seduction and night by Anne Rice. Alas, this cemetery was not designed with the Victorian aesthetic in mind. No wandering pathways or delightful benches on which to contemplate. So, I took my snapshots of "past lives" and went home to devour more of a tale of horror.

Be prepared for more graveyards and ghosts- My husband and I are taking a trip to New Orleans for our 5th anniversary! 5 splendid years of laughter and friendship... How time does fly! Part of our vacation will be touring the fabulous graveyards of New Orleans, the city where Anne Rice based much of her work.

So, good morrow to you and happy haunting!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Halloween Ball: Fanciful Twist Style

Litany for Halloween

From ghoulies and ghosties,
Long-leggety beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Time to Share

Just thought I would share these lovely faces with you to brighten up your crafty projects. I soon hope to have some more pictures of my booth to show you -- But for now, these little ladies will have to do - Enjoy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stepping Back in Time: Antique Crossroads

Welcome to Antique Crossroads, a place where time stops. Just walking through these aisles is taking a step back to simpler moments. Whatever era and/or object your heart desires, this Hagerstown, MD mall can provide. Take for instance kitschy Elvis memorabilia or funky scarves- No where else can offer such sublime pieces of history!
Just look at these vintage hair caps- Used for keeping one's hair dry during a dip in the pool.
Remember the Elvis comment- Well, here's the King in 3-D! He's definitely in THIS building!
Can we talk about how awesome this orange crinoline skirt is? I think I've got to have it just for the color - It would look FABULOUS on my vintage dress form.
So, here's the first installment regarding Antique Crossroads. Expect to hear and see a lot more about this fantastic locale- It is my newest booth location and absolutely wonderful!

**All you swap partners out there: Don't forget to share your Halloween/Fall loot with everyone on October 30th! We will have our little "masked ball" that day to celebrate this wonderful time of year!**

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's A Girl To Do?

Yep, here's my booth. It's deathly bare! What am I going to do??? I must find furniture and soon! I have so many wonderful, little things. But all those darling curiosities need to be displayed properly. Therefore, once again I say- I MUST FIND FURNITURE! (notice capitalization and exclamation point)...

On the bright side, I was still able to create some sweet vignettes with the fabulous smalls I have. Don't you just love these tiny Asian slippers?
This doll chest is filled with old lace and buttons- Two of my favorite things!
My locked case was filled to the brim with glorious little bibelots from my jaunts to various sundry places. What about the Kewpie teapot and saucer? Pure cuteness!
I love miniatures and have always tried to buy them up when they're available. This shot shows a lovely Empire style brass mirror perfect for a little girl's dollhouse.
Art Nouveau is one of my favorite styles- From my own collection you will see the small vase decorated with a Sarah Bernhardt type figure. This piece was probably a give-away at a fair or party. Last but not least is my collection of vintage Halloween items purchased last year. These plates, napkins, and nut cups are both rare and desirable in the antiques realm. I can't wait to see what people think of them at the new booth.Well, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll find some appropriate furniture over the next week or so. I'll be sure to take more pictures as the evolution of my booth takes place. Wish me luck!