Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How the West Was Won!

Isn't this a great image? And rather rare since you don't see many Western images in ephemera. She has a very "Gibson Girl" look about her. Hopefully, you'll find some creative endeavor to use her for.

Just thought I'd also share a new item that I added to my Rubylane shop. What a wonderful paper mache snuff box. I love the phrase "Forget me not." Very sweet... The faux tortoiseshell design really takes the look up a notch. Yesterday I also added a c. 1940s puffy heart and an Uncle Wiggily advertising premium for Ovaltine. Be sure to stop by and browse a bit.

I plan on adding items regularly now - I'm renting an out of home office to help with motivation and also for company. Working for yourself tends to lead to being alone and thus a little lonely. But the space I've got is at Sparrows, a lovely antique store filled with beautiful French furniture. There's a little room in the back that works perfect for me listing things online. One day soon I'll share some of the wonderful pieces they have.

So, ta-ta for now. I have plenty more ephemera to share so stop by and browse a bit when you get the chance!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enchanting Ephemera...

Just thought I would share some of my favorite ephemera pieces over the next couple of days. With our recent move, I've had to confine my collection to one large rubbermaid box. And that my friends was a challenge. So from my fruits of labor, you receive a "harvest" of my very best copy right free images.
19th Century Trade Card

Now I'm on the hunt for more REALLY good pieces -- Color images especially. I find that trade cards* are my best bet. Which reminds me of two more images I need to scan... Ah, the work of a blogger never ends.Hand Tinted c. 1910 Postcard

*Trade cards are 19th - early 20th century advertisements for a number of retailers, including clothing, undergarments, farm supplies, sewing, etc. They are usually the size of a baseball card but can be as large as a postcard or even 5 x 7. Victorians used these tradecards (and other paper goodies) to decorate their homes and bring lively color to bare walls. Indeed, these trade cards became art for the masses.
Trade Card advertising Marshall and Ball Clothiers; c. 1890

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mrs. Brown's Perfect Figure

Mrs. Brown's secret is out-- She uses a "Duplex" corset... Can you even imagine wearing such an undergarment? What women will do in the name of fashion!
What would they think of our push up bras and tiny little thongs? And what of bikinis and Speedos? The horror!~But I do love this piece of ephemera- It folds open to reveal the "secret". Hope you can use these images in your artwork and crafty projects. I know I can't wait to figure out how to incorporate it into one of my collages.

Be sure to check my earlier post on The Masked Ball Swap and Fete- I'd love to have more people join us in celebration ...

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Masked Ball Swap & Fete

Join me in delightful revelry for a magical Halloween fete! For this swap, choose items for your partner that are relevant to a masked Halloween ball. For instance, crowns, jewelry, masks, party favors, fancy shoes, game pieces and parts, clock items (for when those clocks start turning 12, the witching hour begins!)... Discuss with your partner if you'd like to have all your items Halloween toned or perhaps something a little lighter - Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun with it!

I wanted to start sign-ups early so everyone would have a chance to make at least one of the items. In addition to this handmade gift, please include other goodies that fit the style and character of your partner (so be sure to ask them lots of "getting to know you" questions).

The last day to sign up is September 7th. I'll send out assignments the second week in September. Be sure to ask what their style is as well as something they would like included in their package. Please make sure your partner receives their gifts no later than Friday, October 2nd -- That way we can enjoy all of our goodies for the entire month. We'll have our official "Masked Ball" on October 30th to show off our surprises --Celebrate by having a little party of your own or perhaps wear a feathered mask! Happy Haunting, ladies and gents...

Be sure to give me your address when you sign up - That way I can pass it along to your partner.

Feel free to grab the swap button I've done. It's not perfect yet but I plan on having my wonderfully computer savvy husband to help -- I have to learn how to put the words on the picture -- Any help regarding how to do that would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovely Little Gifts

Well, the unpacking is finished and everything is (almost) in place. We're really starting to feel like the DC area is home. My office is fairly neat and tidy... I'll have to take a few shots of my room soon to show off my (not so neat) storage system (meaning stuffing everything in the closet!).
Some dear friends sent welcome packages and I wanted to share my gifts with you. Up first is a wonderful orange cinnamon potpourri made with citrus fruits, leaves, and cloves. To die for! Erica also sent me a handmade vintage style tea towel - Just look at the embroidered Mr. Orange.
Speaking of cute, this little matchbox is from the lovely LiLi. All the way across an ocean traveled this little parcel. And what a diminutive sight this gnome and mushroom are! An enchanting little creation this is!

Well, I promise to keep in touch more now that we've settled into our new home. I can't wait to explore new places and visit old PA for some great antiquing!

Happy Junking!