Sunday, February 28, 2010

Au Revoir!

Just wanted to let everyone know I will be on vacation from March 1st - March 8th and will not be able to check into Bloglandia... I will miss everyone but I'm very excited about the destination- Paris! It's my first time there and I can't wait. I have been saving my pennies for the flea markets- What treasures to be found! So hope you all have a fabulous week and I'll be sure to show all my goodies when I get back:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Just wanted to share some great birthday ephemera in honor of my 30th birthday! Thanks for all the sweet well wishes last week. I appreciate all the love and kindness sent my way. Since yesterday was officially the big day, I thought it was still appropriate to have some cards celebrating birthdays. The first was printed in Britain and is a real photograph. The back states "Rotary Photo, London, F.C." On the left side of the photo, the identification # is A. 1905-5. I'm not sure how old it is- Does anyone have a guess?

The second card is just a lovely sentiment piece with a vibrant rose. I can't find it right now but when I do, I'll share the inside of the card as well. I simply thought the flower graphic was stunning.I would like to apologize to all of last week's visitors from Postcard Friendship Fridays. I was out of town until yesterday and not able to respond to those who posted on my blog. I promise I'll be exploring your sites this week and weekend. Thanks for understanding!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top of the Morning to Ya'

Found this delightful Raphael Tuck and Sons early 20th c. St. Patrick’s Day card at the Olney Antique Village in Olney, MD. The condition is excellent being crisp and in an unused state.

I have often seen pigs on New Year’s Day cards and have wondered why such iconography was used. So, after seeing it on numerous St. Patrick’s Day cards I thought it may have something to do with luck. So off to trusty Google I go and find out that indeed in Germany (where many antique post cards were made and printed) the pig is a symbol of prosperity. Here are the highlights of what I found:

-When someone is lucky, it is customary to say “Ich Habe Schwein Gehabt” which means “I have had pig.” This particular phrase dates back centuries to agrarian lifestyles when if you had a pig to feed your family you were considered fortunate.

-Pigs are also very adaptable and useful animals. They can live on pasture, farm waste and crop residues and are good breeders. A family which has a pig will never grow hungry.

-All parts of the pig are edible – including the snout and foot. Think also of the little pink marzipan pigs which have a penny in the snout—also for good luck.

Hope you enjoyed this little blurb about pigs and luck – And may you have the luck of this Irish with you this upcoming March.

For all of you regular readers, just wanted to let you know I will be out of town until the 24th . I’m traveling south for warmer weather and a visit with my family. I’m turning 30 and we’re going to celebrate! So, no posts until late next week. But I promise there’s lots of auction goodies, vintage thingies, and fabulous ephemera to come!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Where Are You Sweet Spring?

Found these two lovelies in an old 19th century scrapbook - Aren't they wonderful? They make me long for flowers and warm breezes.

I was finally able to get out of the house today and go to Hagerstown to see my booth. Sales were solid this weekend and hopefully will pick up as the weather improves. I've noticed that weekends are much busier than weekdays- But I guess that's to be expected.

As an aside, I believe many businesses will be hurt by the snow storms; most of us were out of commission for about a week or so. Since February's already a slow month, it doesn't help to have a week go by with little to no sales ...

On an upward note, I'm excited about going to an auction with my friend Tim tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find some goodies! I have the buying itch and hopefully will get a chance to scratch it soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dreaming of You...

Just wanted to share this absolutely stunning postcard for Postcard Friendship Fridays... This particular beauty is embossed and copyrighted 1910 by John Winsch. The artwork is by Samuel Schmucker.

I found the following information on John Winsch via Jewel's Antique Postcards:

"John O. Winsch, of Stapleton, New York, was a publisher of superior quality greeting postcards.

He first issued postcards in 1910, shortly after the passage of the Payne-Aldrich Act, which increased tariffs on imported cards. The Winsch cards were printed in Germany and imported to the United States for distribution.

Winsch postcards sold at two for five cents, when the common price was one cent each. While some Winsch postcards were issued in sets of six; most of the better designs were issued in sets of four.

The most collected of the Winsch postcards are the Halloween designs by American art nouveau artist, Samuel L. Schmucker.

Winsch reached its peak in 1911, but continued in business until 1915. During this short time Winsch copyrighted over 3,000 designs."

Thanks again to Jewel's Postcards for this informative write-up on Winsch cards.

Also, thanks to my sister who found this lovely piece of ephemera to share with all of you ... Enjoy!

Hope your Valentine's is full of love and joy. Have a fabulous day!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I entitled this post "Winter Wonderland" to be positive; however, this weather is terrible! We're snowed in, have lost power for several days, and am tired of eating carbs. Thankfully, our water is heated by gas and we have a gas stove (hence the eating of many noodles and couscous). We do have a fireplace so that has helped as well. But not getting out is a problem- The roads are icy and driving is treacherous.

So, thankfully, I had ordered some Stephen King books earlier in the month. Right now, I'm reading Firestarter which is a real page turner. Up next are It and The Shining (I'm a big horror fan). I also still have one Valentine's card to make - Although mailing them may pose a problem... We haven't gotten our mail in several days and I'm not sure if the post office is even open!

Some rays of light: Rubylane is doing well! I sold both of the Galluba and Hofmann dolls I featured on an earlier post - Very exciting! I've also sold a scarab pendant, an Uncle Wiggily mug, and a bunny candy container... Must be people internet shopping with the bad weather.

These internet sales are a definite moral booster since my booth in Hagerstown is really suffering from the snow and ice. But I plan on going there Monday to take care of business. Hopefully sales will increase soon.

So- that is the end to my rambling. Hope you enjoy this Valentine's post card. I thought she was lovely and the coloring is really delicate. I have one more very special card to share that my sister found - A true treasure. Wait and see for Postcard Friendship Friday! Also, I plan to post about a fabulous collectible I bought from my dear friend Laura. So, stay tuned for vintage goodness...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warms Your Heart...

With record breaking snow fall, Maryland and DC have virtually shut down. My husband and I did get out today -- A surprising number of cars were on the road. But I suspect many people will not go in to work tomorrow.

So, what will all those home bound people be doing? Crafting, of course! haha- While not everyone will be armed with a glue stick and glitter, I certainly will be having some artsy fun...
Speaking of which, here's the latest installment of Valentine's ephemera. This die cut is a wonderful example of Victorian printing- Bright colors and vivid images.

So, here's to hoping you're warm and cozy and full of crafty goodness!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Won't You Be My Valentine?

Thought I would share some of my newest postcards for your winter craftiness. I just love both of these and thought the angels were especially precious. Hope your February is fabulous and full of creating ... I myself am working on Valentine cards for my family... But shhhh- It's a surprise! It's not something I do a lot so it takes me forever to arrange everything just right.

Also, a shout out to dear Anna - She sent me the most wonderful little Valentine's package full of velvety hearts and paper diecuts. Just superb! She finds the best stuff... Kind of like Snapple.

Hope everyone has a wintry warm weekend... And don't forget to visit the French Factrice for Postcard Friendship Fridays!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Here is some of the Valentine's ephemera I've been bragging about:) Aren't they fabulous? Both are German and probably from the 20's.
The other "heart" ephemera is more Victorian and romantic in genre. I thought I would do installments with different themes. These two are my favorite though. The little boy is just too cute!