Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toast to a New Year!

Here are some fabulous New Years cards... I've been hunting high and low for great images and these seemed to fit the bill. I'm not familiar with the salt and bluebird tradition- Perhaps someone knows about this antiquated custom?

Hope that everyone has the happiest of New Years filled with kisses from loved ones and toasts to new beginnings. I'll have to think of some New Years resolutions and share them with you all- What are your plans for this new year? Any resolutions for you?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Warm Fuzzies"

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry it's a day late but we've been traveling up and down the East coast for the past week with little to no internet access. But I hope everyone had a glorious holiday; I'm certainly looking forward to New Year's as well! My husband and I will be traveling to PA to visit the Brandywine Museum and Longwood Gardens. Each will still be decorated for the holidays. I'm especially looking forward to the museum for its exhibit on illustrators of Alice in Wonderland.
As for this post, I thought I'd include a little gift to you readers - This adorable photograph certainly makes me smile- He (or she) looks rather toasty in this big fur coat. I think this image would be perfect for many a winter craft...
Speaking of crafts, I have some pictures to share soon of the Christmas craft I made with my family this year. We made snowflakes using felt balls and Swarovski crystals - It's not too late to enjoy some time creating with family and friends!
Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys the rest of this holiday season!
Blessings Always ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Merry Time of Year

Thought I would share some images my sister found for me. What wonderful ephemera!

I hope you are all having a bright and merry season. I've just finished wrapping the presents - Not too many this year. I didn't even make it through one roll of wrapping paper! With purse strings being a little tight, our families decided to draw names and just get presents for one member of the family. It sure makes holiday shopping a lot easier.

We still have the traditions to keep us together. For instance, the ladies in my family all play Merry Jingo (which is like Christmas Bingo). We buy fun prizes and have lots of laughs! We're also planning on making a craft this year (I'll be sure to take photos to share with everyone).

So be sure to keep warm this night and think of all the lovely holiday traditions you share with your family. I'd love to hear about them...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making the Season Bright with Vintage Graphics!

Here's more of the Christmas ephemera I promised! This one is a little booklet for the holiday season.

I'd like to start sharing more vintage and antique images each week (perhaps more than one a week if I can find appropriate ephemera). Please let me know if you like these pictures and what other pieces would work for you. I like the format The Graphics Fairy uses (which by the way is a great resource for vintage clip art). My only request is that you give credit to my blog when you use these images in your artwork (specifically when you post the pieces on your blog or on flickr).

Let me know how you are using the ephemera - If you like, I'll post images of your work on my blog!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Isn't She Sweet?

Here's the second installment of the ephemera I've promised to you crafters. This is special card- Lily is meant to be a paper doll that you cut out. Her ribbon is satin -- She's just right for that wonderful project you're working on this Christmas. I bought her especially for my readers- So enjoy and have fun. I do have one set of Christmas themed pieces that I plan to share as well.

Let me know how you're using these images- I'd love to see some crafty goodness come out of my search for interesting ephemera. Also, are there any special requests? I'm constantly on the hunt so let me know what images appeal to you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Romance of a New Year

I found this wonderful post card at the Gaithersburg Doll and Toy show this past weekend. I simply fell in love with its romantic charm. Hope you'll find a great use for it this upcoming New Years... I have 8 more pieces of fabulous ephemera to share with you over the course of the holiday season.
Speaking of romance, I just purchased a large estate of vintage and antique lace for my booth up in Hagerstown, MD. If you're local, be sure to stop by and take a peak at my bits and pieces. Some are simply breath taking!
Other news: Starting to volunteer at the local Prevention of Blindness thrift shop. I'm very excited about this! It's more like a quaint antique store than a second hand store. I begin on Thursday so wish me luck:) Also this week is a show I'm doing at a friend's office. They have an annual fair where workers can come and peruse the wares- I'm looking forward to it!
So, what's new for you? Any thoughts as to what the New Year may hold?