Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Magpie's Misfit Toys

Beautiful vignette featuring satin millinery flower, 19th century books, Victorian frame, and kitten ephemera
 "Collections make a home.  They can trigger memories or even inspire the palette of a room.  But mostly these pieces, personal and collected over time, reveal who you are.  When you open the door, these are the treasured objects that welcome you home."
 ---Country Living, June 2008

Ever since college, I have "collected" little things which bring joy to my life.  I started off with handmade textiles and laces and then moved on to dishes ... then vintage hats... Now 19th c. paintings...  Whatever I'm collecting, however, one thing remains constant.  The items make me feel at home.   They add warmth and comfort to an otherwise empty room.  

Lovely collection of an Old Paris Porcelain saint, apothecary bottles, English ironstone, and 19th c. women's hobby books
 I often ask customers what they collect for I feel it reveals a lot about an individual.  It's amazing to hear the myriad of answers... From 19th century children's ceramics to early American quilts to Buffalo Blue Willow -- What variety!
Can you resist this little display?  Wonderful handmade 1920's doll with vintage book
 For me, the shop is an extension of my magpie habits.  Currently, my house is on the smallish side with little room for acquiring new objects.  Thus, the shop is an "enabler"!  But in the most delightful sense, of course.    It's so pleasant to walk into the shop and be surrounded by things I've personally chosen for clients- and sometimes just for myself!
Early 20th c. Betty Boop style crayon cloth doll with ephemera, diecuts, and buttons
 The images in this post show some of my lastest acquisitions.  The pieces are my personal favorites- From the Old Paris Saint to the bronze inlaid crucifix, I'm quite happy with my current inventory.  I only hope you will stop by the shop and share your personal collecting stories-- Perhaps I'll even have a trinket or bauble for you to add to your own "nest."
One of my personal favorite collections is religious antiques.  This is a particularly spectacular French cross with inlaid bronze work. SOLD

What fun!  A vintage English Tri-Ang tow truck- With original paint and label...
As always, if you spy anything in particular in the pictures you'd like to know more about, simply contact me via email or leave a comment on this post:)