Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sinister Delights

Dear Blogland -- What a vacation I've taken from you- Over a month... Wow! So much has been happening with the shop, Etsy, and Rubylane that I've really been on my toes. But now with fabulous fall here, I wanted to stop in for a little "chat".

My main objective is to share my delightfully spooky Halloween window. Isn't it just wonderful? It's even a little more sinister than I originally envisioned but I really think it still works. We used a variety of everyday antiques along with some magical props that set off the tone of this vignette. Weathered sculptures and busts add charm and sophistication while the crystals really add some sparkle (along with the crystal necklaces). We also used dark wood to help carry a more wicked look. So, hopefully my next post won't be a month from now- I also promise to try my best to catch up on reading everyone's writings... Ta-ta! And don't forget to visit Vintage Thingie Thursday for more vintage goodies!