Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Latest Guilty Pleasures

Very excited to start reading this book... I found the author through her blog Mabel's House (which is absolutely fabulous).  I highly recommend reading her wax poetic about life.
 Just signed up for Jeanne Oliver's new class, Creatively Made Home.  It starts up in Oct. so you still have plenty of time to sign up-- I recently finished her business e-course and it was really worth it.  Not only did it encourage me to start both Constant Contact (a business marketing email service) but also made me think more about my business Facebook page and blog. 
 Can we say cute... Once again, Neatcurios on Etsy has brought the goods.  Just bought this little guy this month.  He's wonderful!  I have him in my kitchen perched on a marbleized 19th c. box with a small hand forged key swinging nearby... Makes me so happy!
 Want, need, must buy.  But sadly, cannot until I sell some flotsam and jetsam:).  The ring and earrings are from Abandoned Memory on Etsy.  I am IN LOVE with these pieces.  All handwork- Amazing detail.  I just love the sense of history encompassed in the tintypes.  Must save trusty pennies.

 French Sentiments... Even the name takes one back to another time and place.  Kathy Barrick's latest creation is so much fun!  She actually sourced the spider at Flotsam and Jetsam!  Kathy's work is not only online.  I also carry her pieces at the shop so stop by to peruse her creations...
 Toot.  That's toot as in foot, not toot as in boot.  How fabulous is this?  A new British blog with the most intriguing, even occasionally cheeky, look at antiques.  I love her perspective and how she takes us through her car boot purchases.
 Jeanne Oliver's new collection is a modern twist on vintage... I bought the Amelia Messenger Bag on a whim.  I thought it would be perfect for foraging thru flea markets- Lots of room to stash antique and vintage finds.  Visit her blog for more info on winning a $500 package from the line.

So, this is a little peek into the life of me.  Hope you enjoyed the randomness!