Monday, December 29, 2008

A Bit of Good Luck To You...

"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities."
- Maya Angelou

Fairies, gnomes, hobbits, pixies ... All of these we've heard of in bed time stories and folklore. Yet there's one little guy who hasn't had much press in recent decades -- The Biliken. Created by Florence Pretz in 1908, the Biliken is a tiny pixie like creature with a mysterious grin and pointy ears.

I learned about these diminutive charms several years ago while reading through Warman's Jewelry Identification and Price Guide (such is the exciting adventurous life of an antiques' dealer). Good luck talismans have always fascinated me, along with stories of elves and fairies. With the Biliken having a Brownie like appearance, I was immediatedly intrigued.

Almost a year ago, I ran across my first Biliken charm sighting. The quirky aqua figure with outstreched feet and a chubby body greeted me in a dealer's case. I knew he was mine at first sight. It was the first and last time I had seen one of these elfin friends in person. Until two weeks ago that is ...

While rooting through Laura & Darby's newest finds and treasures, I spotted a silver Biliken! The charm was wonderful and a true collector's gem (Warman, 3rd edition pg. 98). So, with my pocket book a little lighter but my heart full of acquisition joy, I added the tiny piece of luck to my cabinet of curiosities.

I am sure that this latest find is not the last of fairy lore to grace my home. Perhaps some antique Brownies will soon keep my Biliken charms company!

Thanks for stopping by F & J - I hope you've enjoyed this little tale of a collector's quest.

•The 2 pictured Bilikens are the very ones in my collection. I snapped their portraits for this post:) Believe me, they were quite shy and I had to coach them into smiling for the camera.
Warman’s Jewelry Identification and Price Guide, 3rd edition Christine Romero 2002