Thursday, January 1, 2009

Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Some things are just meant to be ... Like Murano and Glass. Silk Scarves and Italy. Pottery and Stoke on Trent. Which brings me to my latest obsession - Emma Bridgewater's Bird Pottery.This lovely English ware is completely handmade ... Visit here for more info on how these pieces reflect an Old World aesthetic.
I first found these pieces (poor graduate student days) at a wonderful little gift shop in Washington, D.C. called Periwinkle (a must see if you're ever in the area!)... Now that I have a need for plates, mugs, etc. (and a paying job!) I'm starting to think these would be a great investment. Not only are they durable and visually appealing, they keep their value and are collectible in and of themselves. What more could one ask for in a plate?

With a little research, I found a great boutique based in the U.S. that carries the Bridgewater lines - Ann Marie's Fine Coffee and Tea . So now we Americans can enjoy a spot of tea and a scone on a lovely Emma Bridgewater dish.

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