Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Merry Time of Year

Thought I would share some images my sister found for me. What wonderful ephemera!

I hope you are all having a bright and merry season. I've just finished wrapping the presents - Not too many this year. I didn't even make it through one roll of wrapping paper! With purse strings being a little tight, our families decided to draw names and just get presents for one member of the family. It sure makes holiday shopping a lot easier.

We still have the traditions to keep us together. For instance, the ladies in my family all play Merry Jingo (which is like Christmas Bingo). We buy fun prizes and have lots of laughs! We're also planning on making a craft this year (I'll be sure to take photos to share with everyone).

So be sure to keep warm this night and think of all the lovely holiday traditions you share with your family. I'd love to hear about them...