Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Warm Fuzzies"

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry it's a day late but we've been traveling up and down the East coast for the past week with little to no internet access. But I hope everyone had a glorious holiday; I'm certainly looking forward to New Year's as well! My husband and I will be traveling to PA to visit the Brandywine Museum and Longwood Gardens. Each will still be decorated for the holidays. I'm especially looking forward to the museum for its exhibit on illustrators of Alice in Wonderland.
As for this post, I thought I'd include a little gift to you readers - This adorable photograph certainly makes me smile- He (or she) looks rather toasty in this big fur coat. I think this image would be perfect for many a winter craft...
Speaking of crafts, I have some pictures to share soon of the Christmas craft I made with my family this year. We made snowflakes using felt balls and Swarovski crystals - It's not too late to enjoy some time creating with family and friends!
Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys the rest of this holiday season!
Blessings Always ...