Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Delightful Disarray

Brimfield, MA -- The mere mention of the name brings visions of deals and treasures galore. I still can't believe I had the chance to visit such a fabulous show~! So much to see and so little time. Even with 3 full days of exploring, I still wasn't able to see it all... Guess that means I have to visit again!
Purchases will be shared in a future post but I wanted to make sure everyone got to see the "splendidness" of this wonderful experience. Through these photographs, I hope you'll get a sense of the sheer excitement felt during the show.
Booths were filled to the brim with textiles, buttons, dolls, trinkets -- All my favorite things!
Just look at these notions- Doesn't this image make your mouth water with antiquing anticipation?
A fabulous little ditty - I can't even remember what she does - All I know is that she was too expensive for me to buy ... One regret I have! I believe she might have been a sewing kit. If anyone knows what she is, please share...
So many treasures to be found- There were dolls to be loved... I bought only doll parts for crafty purposes. I found some little legs that would be great for altered jewelry or shadow boxes.
Isn't this just a vision of romance? Each booth had a unique flavor revealing the personality of the vendor. It was a sheer delight to find so much concentrated in such a small area.
Enjoy looking at the captured "wonderfulness" of Brimfield. I hope every antique lover gets a chance to experience this at least once in their lives!
What a great bag!
More goodies- Just look at those pillow cases in the background.
A final look at the "delightful disarray" of Brimfield ...