Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vignette: Portrait of a Tiny Little Antique Shop


any small, pleasing picture or view.
Window scene featuring 19th c. dancing shoes, French wedding pin cushion and c. 1850 Provencal quilt ; Shoes- SOLD, Umbrella-SOLD

Lovely tabletop "story" featuring an Art Nouveau mirror, a Gibson girl sketch, amber bottles, and early 20th century handwritten menus; Sketch- SOLD

While I'm researching Victorian cut steel buttons for a near future posting, I wanted to share some pictures of the shop.  I did all new displays (which now need revamping!- ah- such is the life of a smalls dealer) and thought some of the "vignettes" turned out beautifully. I hope you enjoy these brief glimpses into the past... And join us in the present for some fabulous antiquing~!

1920s inspired arrangement with celluloid flapper doll, peach feather fan, and Art Deco perfume bottles

Antique children's display with Steiff bear, early Lotto game, and German fairytale book