Monday, October 22, 2012

Tokens of Memory

Early 20th Century Saint and Frame
  What do you cherish?  What is important to you?

Our faith, our families, our careers... These are the cornerstones of our lives.  My job as an antique dealer is to find objects which reflect these significant parts of our world.   Pieces which remind us of our childhood, our fond memories...

 It's the story behind these pieces- Essentially, the people behind the objects- that make them special.

German Little Boy "Planter", Velvet Puzzle Ball, Green Rhinestone Button Set and Beautiful Natural Photograph of Little Girl

Folk Art Bird and Aforementioned Religious Piece

Blue Milk Glass Frame and French MOP Opera Glasses
I walked around the shop this afternoon taking pictures of some of my favorite pieces.  I'm sure each one has a story to tell- A token of memory....  

I hope you will stop by and browse the trove of trinkets I have collected to bring history into your decor. 
Large Grouping of European Catholic Charms

Right now, I'm particularly fond of antique frames, mother of pearl buttons, and French postcards....  What's on your list?