Friday, December 14, 2012

A Little Naughty... A Little Nice

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I've posted!  Oh me, oh my!  Well, life sometimes just gets in the way of the best intentions... Gwyneth (my 19 month old) has been walking and talking like crazy.  She does something new everyday.  And my business has been chugging along.  October and November were both slow months- Did any of you other proprietors notice that?  But December sales are strong -- Hopefully a sign of things to come.  

I did want to share some images of the shop as well as a few wonderful things I've recently found...
 So, this is a little overview of one area- I'm so pleased with how it turned out!  I had a dear little elf (a tall one to be sure) help me put up the quilt- I think it really ties in well with the space.  The small cabinet is adorable - Perfect for all my bits and pieces.  
 Here's a shot of my back room... I think it's finally come together.  I just love the cigar cabinet.  A really wonderful piece that I purchased from Tiara Day (which is fabulous by the way!).  I desperately want to make a trip there before Santa arrives.
 Now for a few detail pictures.  The above Christmas mercury balls are splendid... And so very fragile.  Sadness ensued when I broke 2 of them getting into the shop one morning.  But these are the survivors... They are a really great size.  Much larger than the small ones that are relatively common.
 Here's a little snippet of one of my mannequins.  I just love this Masonic collar.  Really great color!
 I wanted to share this idea with all you shop owners (and jewelry lovers).  I took an old Victorian photo album that stands on its own and used it as a display for my brooches.  The book is not in very good condition so the pin holes don't deter from its value.  But a really clever idea if I do say so myself:)
 I also want to highlight a few wonderful little things I've recently acquired... Like this AMAZING pre 1920 owl German Christmas light.  It's just perfect!  I had a Father Christmas and a Pierrot clown but both of those already sold.  They are so very rare.  My Christmas book doesn't even have an image of the owl! 
 And what about this stunning Art Nouveau Unger Brothers sterling silver pendant?  Look at the detail!  I just love this piece... A real find at a show from The Pink Poet!

 And last but not least something a little naughty:)  This is a Japan turtle lady... Who opens up to reveal a surprise!  I had one from Germany (which usually has the best quality) but this one is a nice piece and above average for a Japan example.
So hopefully Santa will bring this little naughty to a nice little antiquer!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the shop and some of my treasures.  Please inquire about anything you see and let me know if you have questions.  And I hope to keep up with my posts a little better!