Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Birthdays

I promised pictures of my sister's fabulous birthday fete ... And here they are! I just love the wonderful Department 56 hat - What a great centerpiece! All the dainty accessories are antique and/or vintage- including the tiny drink umbrellas. The sparkly chocolates are from Fresh Market - one of the best places for fine candies and unusual party foods.

Tracy Porter served as my inspiration for the party favors - We made tinseled utensils:) Using my collection of bits and bobbles we made whimsical spoons. Millinery flowers, rhinestones, charms, old watch parts, and ribbon are just a few of the beauties we used in our art work. My 2 sisters and I each made 3 spoons while my mom was satisfied with one of her fabulous one of a kind creations - The gold toned single pictured spoon is hers. My sister Shannon, the birthday girl, made spoons in the following themes: Halloween, Blue Cameo, and Little Birdies. Angela, the oldest of the 3, focused on Victorian Beach, Christmas, and Violets. My personal creations included Spooky, Spring, and Antique Circus.

I encourage you all to create memories with your loved ones... Making beautiful lovelies is a perfect way to grow closer as friends. When displayed, each piece reminds us of the time we shared with our family and pals.