Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Little Bit of This and That

Hope you all had a fabulous 4th! It's back to work today for me- I'm getting that compilation of ephemera ready for you readers out there. I have tried to find images that are at least 100 years old so there will be no copyright issues. From the research I've done, as long as it's 95 plus years old and/or I'm not selling the images, it's totally legit. If you do decide to reproduce these images and sell them in some format, I leave that up to your own discretion.

Speaking of ephemera, there's a blog I must mention- The Graphics Fairy. Find her at She posts one fabulous image per day for free! Her archive is a great resource for those crafty individuals out there. I encourage you to visit Karen's site regularly for her wonderful images!

Today I thought I would share some views of my front foyer. I don't remember where I read this FANTASTIC idea, but I give great credit to it's creator. I lined the stairs with some of my favorite antique and vintage books. They look great! It's a wonderful way to decorate your banister and give a fresh look to your home. I'm a bibliophile so this idea is especially enchanting to me.

I also wanted to show the vignette I have alongside the book banisters. While working at Sparrows, I learned the importance of visual display. These yellow flower branches are perfect for creating a sophisticated yet cheery look. The large glass bottle was a gift from my Dad. I love this container and encourage you to find one for your floral arrangements. The painting to the left of the flowers is a favorite of mine. Purchased on time from Sparrows, it has certainly been a wise investment. The ducks and geese are wonderfully executed and the background is a peaceful representation of an idyllic countryside.

Other mementos, including vintage photos and old shoe forms, are scattered along the table top. Also arranged here are a few of my antique diaries. I started collecting these while employed at Osiris Books, and I've been fascinated ever since. These written time capsules are truly a treasure. I don't personally know any of the individuals whose diaries I own. But I do know little special tidbits about their lives - So, in some way, I know them more intimately than some of their friends may... Now isn't that an interesting thought indeed?

Have a splendid weekend and be sure to find a little "flotsam and jetsam" for your own home!