Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Fall Frolics!

I didn't realize how much I would miss blogging this week! Wow- New York, NY was a much needed vacation but I'm glad to catch up on my favorite blogs and do a little posting of my own!

I've finally finished setting up the house for All Hallow's Eve - Some fun surprises are in every corner and at every turn... My favorite item is the ceramic haunted house my Mom made in the 1970's. It lights up and flickers for a fun, spooky effect. I asked for the house when I got married because I've always loved this piece. I would beg Mom to put the Halloween up early just so I could enjoy looking at the eerie mansion... She would put it on our kitchen table and cover the entire surface with pine straw, pumpkins, and pinecones. So much fun!

I have great Halloween memories as a child, and I guess that's what makes this season so special. Be sure to spend some time this weekend with your own family. Perhaps go to a pumpkin patch or enjoy some fall treats together... Make some memories!