Sunday, October 5, 2008

Very Vintage Halloween Swap!

Since I'm leaving for the Big City tomorrow, I thought I'd go ahead and write my Very Vintage Halloween Swap post hosted by Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly. I was paired up with Lindsey from Two Crazy Crafters. She's a great girl and so much fun to do an exchange with!

The first image of a 1964 Midge Barbie and some other goodies is my package to Lindsey. She's a Barbie collector and aficionado - Just check out her fabulous Wednesday posts!

The other shots here are Lindsey's gift to me - How fun! I just love the adorable cupcake figurines - Trick or Treat anyone?

I draped the wonderful Día de los Muertos skull garland over my bookcase- Has a rather gothic, spooky effect don't you think? And look at that "Batty" Wand! I can just start casting my spells now:)

Lindsey also included a cute family portrait of our dear friends The Hal and Lou Ween family - Get it? Hahahaha... My buddy from the Lady and the Librarian may just snag it for her holiday decorating:) And the cute black cat candle holder is so whimsical... What a great display!

I truly enjoyed participating in this swap and can't wait to check out all the other participating blogs! Have a great Fall week:)