Saturday, November 15, 2008

Style: Episode 2 ..."Picture This"

Many of us are intimated by placing the tiniest of objects in our home - nails. They just seem so permanent, so decisive. Well, let go of that fear ladies & gentleman! I'm here to tell you that your walls are a blank canvas & YOU are the artist ...
Paintings and other artwork bring color and light into a space in the same way that a rug can do wonders for a room. And don't add just one puny little picture or wall object - Make groupings, collages, and collections of them! The more the merrier!
Think outside of the box ... Empty frames, objects, clothing- If it can be nailed or tacked, it's fair game! One of my favorite walls is decorated with an ever growing collection of vintage children's clothes - These textiles add dimension and interest to a blank space in a way that flat images never could! For example, check out the fabulous yellow dress from the last post - The tone and texture bring the space to life and make a "fierce" display!

So, your assignment is to look in your closet and consider your clothes as art. That little christening gown - The perfect thing for a Shabby Chic bathroom. Your old prom dress - A great addition to your little girls' play area!

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Top image: I'm not sure! Please forgive me - I think it's a recent article from Interior Design.
Middle image: Domino Magazine, October 2008
Bottom image: Interior Design, 2008