Monday, November 24, 2008

Style: Episode 4 "Color Me Happy"

Thinking about how I like to add interest and light to a room made me examine the color wheel ... And how to both use it & ignore it. For inspiration, let's look at a master painting or a lovely vintage scarf . How are the colors combined?

Consider the pairings designers are most praised for - Is it the typical complimentary tones? Or is it bold, inventive choices that strike us as original? Pink and Brown, Red and Orange, Yellow and Green - Hues that pop when placed side by side. Like Andy Warhol's magic Marilyns, it's when we step outside the norm that we create truly stimulating results.Now, for our homes, we want to take an approach that is more "please and thank you" rather than "shock and awe". So, rather than hot pink and red walls, how about a nice red pillow and a vase of pink roses? Or a bowl of fresh lemons placed strategically near a pleasantly green linen?

So, your project for this week is to combine 2 colors in a fresh & appealing manner... Let me know what you come up with!