Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sacred Stones

I've mentioned my fascination with graveyards before on this blog- Well, what a more fitting season than now to revisit this infatuation?

After work today, I decided to make a little trip to a local cemetery- Won't you come along with me?

Welcome to a place where rest is found - Both for the living and the deceased. A little off color but indeed a fascinating topic. I found a number of early 19th century tombstones that would make lovely rubbings- So worn were the inscriptions that the naked eye had a hard time deciphering the text.Walking among the stones, I was overwhelmed by a sense of calm- With the leaves falling like light snow, I felt showered with peace and tranquility. Kneeling down to touch the worn surfaces, I was struck by how fragile life really is.
The graveyard was quiet yet all around us traffic flew by, each passenger reaching for that next goal. Yet all to soon those goals are met and life slows down... Hauntingly beautiful, life is a journey that often ends with an outward sigh of perhaps and what could have been.
With such melancholy thoughts, what could fit the mood better than the cult classic Interview with a Vampire?I was hoping to read amongst the stones ... A somewhat dark atmosphere for this tale of seduction and night by Anne Rice. Alas, this cemetery was not designed with the Victorian aesthetic in mind. No wandering pathways or delightful benches on which to contemplate. So, I took my snapshots of "past lives" and went home to devour more of a tale of horror.

Be prepared for more graveyards and ghosts- My husband and I are taking a trip to New Orleans for our 5th anniversary! 5 splendid years of laughter and friendship... How time does fly! Part of our vacation will be touring the fabulous graveyards of New Orleans, the city where Anne Rice based much of her work.

So, good morrow to you and happy haunting!