Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stepping Back in Time: Antique Crossroads

Welcome to Antique Crossroads, a place where time stops. Just walking through these aisles is taking a step back to simpler moments. Whatever era and/or object your heart desires, this Hagerstown, MD mall can provide. Take for instance kitschy Elvis memorabilia or funky scarves- No where else can offer such sublime pieces of history!
Just look at these vintage hair caps- Used for keeping one's hair dry during a dip in the pool.
Remember the Elvis comment- Well, here's the King in 3-D! He's definitely in THIS building!
Can we talk about how awesome this orange crinoline skirt is? I think I've got to have it just for the color - It would look FABULOUS on my vintage dress form.
So, here's the first installment regarding Antique Crossroads. Expect to hear and see a lot more about this fantastic locale- It is my newest booth location and absolutely wonderful!

**All you swap partners out there: Don't forget to share your Halloween/Fall loot with everyone on October 30th! We will have our little "masked ball" that day to celebrate this wonderful time of year!**