Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enchanting Ephemera...

Just thought I would share some of my favorite ephemera pieces over the next couple of days. With our recent move, I've had to confine my collection to one large rubbermaid box. And that my friends was a challenge. So from my fruits of labor, you receive a "harvest" of my very best copy right free images.
19th Century Trade Card

Now I'm on the hunt for more REALLY good pieces -- Color images especially. I find that trade cards* are my best bet. Which reminds me of two more images I need to scan... Ah, the work of a blogger never ends.Hand Tinted c. 1910 Postcard

*Trade cards are 19th - early 20th century advertisements for a number of retailers, including clothing, undergarments, farm supplies, sewing, etc. They are usually the size of a baseball card but can be as large as a postcard or even 5 x 7. Victorians used these tradecards (and other paper goodies) to decorate their homes and bring lively color to bare walls. Indeed, these trade cards became art for the masses.
Trade Card advertising Marshall and Ball Clothiers; c. 1890