Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovely Little Gifts

Well, the unpacking is finished and everything is (almost) in place. We're really starting to feel like the DC area is home. My office is fairly neat and tidy... I'll have to take a few shots of my room soon to show off my (not so neat) storage system (meaning stuffing everything in the closet!).
Some dear friends sent welcome packages and I wanted to share my gifts with you. Up first is a wonderful orange cinnamon potpourri made with citrus fruits, leaves, and cloves. To die for! Erica also sent me a handmade vintage style tea towel - Just look at the embroidered Mr. Orange.
Speaking of cute, this little matchbox is from the lovely LiLi. All the way across an ocean traveled this little parcel. And what a diminutive sight this gnome and mushroom are! An enchanting little creation this is!

Well, I promise to keep in touch more now that we've settled into our new home. I can't wait to explore new places and visit old PA for some great antiquing!

Happy Junking!