Monday, August 17, 2009

A Masked Ball Swap & Fete

Join me in delightful revelry for a magical Halloween fete! For this swap, choose items for your partner that are relevant to a masked Halloween ball. For instance, crowns, jewelry, masks, party favors, fancy shoes, game pieces and parts, clock items (for when those clocks start turning 12, the witching hour begins!)... Discuss with your partner if you'd like to have all your items Halloween toned or perhaps something a little lighter - Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun with it!

I wanted to start sign-ups early so everyone would have a chance to make at least one of the items. In addition to this handmade gift, please include other goodies that fit the style and character of your partner (so be sure to ask them lots of "getting to know you" questions).

The last day to sign up is September 7th. I'll send out assignments the second week in September. Be sure to ask what their style is as well as something they would like included in their package. Please make sure your partner receives their gifts no later than Friday, October 2nd -- That way we can enjoy all of our goodies for the entire month. We'll have our official "Masked Ball" on October 30th to show off our surprises --Celebrate by having a little party of your own or perhaps wear a feathered mask! Happy Haunting, ladies and gents...

Be sure to give me your address when you sign up - That way I can pass it along to your partner.

Feel free to grab the swap button I've done. It's not perfect yet but I plan on having my wonderfully computer savvy husband to help -- I have to learn how to put the words on the picture -- Any help regarding how to do that would be greatly appreciated!