Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Just wanted to share some great birthday ephemera in honor of my 30th birthday! Thanks for all the sweet well wishes last week. I appreciate all the love and kindness sent my way. Since yesterday was officially the big day, I thought it was still appropriate to have some cards celebrating birthdays. The first was printed in Britain and is a real photograph. The back states "Rotary Photo, London, F.C." On the left side of the photo, the identification # is A. 1905-5. I'm not sure how old it is- Does anyone have a guess?

The second card is just a lovely sentiment piece with a vibrant rose. I can't find it right now but when I do, I'll share the inside of the card as well. I simply thought the flower graphic was stunning.I would like to apologize to all of last week's visitors from Postcard Friendship Fridays. I was out of town until yesterday and not able to respond to those who posted on my blog. I promise I'll be exploring your sites this week and weekend. Thanks for understanding!

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