Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top of the Morning to Ya'

Found this delightful Raphael Tuck and Sons early 20th c. St. Patrick’s Day card at the Olney Antique Village in Olney, MD. The condition is excellent being crisp and in an unused state.

I have often seen pigs on New Year’s Day cards and have wondered why such iconography was used. So, after seeing it on numerous St. Patrick’s Day cards I thought it may have something to do with luck. So off to trusty Google I go and find out that indeed in Germany (where many antique post cards were made and printed) the pig is a symbol of prosperity. Here are the highlights of what I found:

-When someone is lucky, it is customary to say “Ich Habe Schwein Gehabt” which means “I have had pig.” This particular phrase dates back centuries to agrarian lifestyles when if you had a pig to feed your family you were considered fortunate.

-Pigs are also very adaptable and useful animals. They can live on pasture, farm waste and crop residues and are good breeders. A family which has a pig will never grow hungry.

-All parts of the pig are edible – including the snout and foot. Think also of the little pink marzipan pigs which have a penny in the snout—also for good luck.

Hope you enjoyed this little blurb about pigs and luck – And may you have the luck of this Irish with you this upcoming March.

For all of you regular readers, just wanted to let you know I will be out of town until the 24th . I’m traveling south for warmer weather and a visit with my family. I’m turning 30 and we’re going to celebrate! So, no posts until late next week. But I promise there’s lots of auction goodies, vintage thingies, and fabulous ephemera to come!

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