Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I entitled this post "Winter Wonderland" to be positive; however, this weather is terrible! We're snowed in, have lost power for several days, and am tired of eating carbs. Thankfully, our water is heated by gas and we have a gas stove (hence the eating of many noodles and couscous). We do have a fireplace so that has helped as well. But not getting out is a problem- The roads are icy and driving is treacherous.

So, thankfully, I had ordered some Stephen King books earlier in the month. Right now, I'm reading Firestarter which is a real page turner. Up next are It and The Shining (I'm a big horror fan). I also still have one Valentine's card to make - Although mailing them may pose a problem... We haven't gotten our mail in several days and I'm not sure if the post office is even open!

Some rays of light: Rubylane is doing well! I sold both of the Galluba and Hofmann dolls I featured on an earlier post - Very exciting! I've also sold a scarab pendant, an Uncle Wiggily mug, and a bunny candy container... Must be people internet shopping with the bad weather.

These internet sales are a definite moral booster since my booth in Hagerstown is really suffering from the snow and ice. But I plan on going there Monday to take care of business. Hopefully sales will increase soon.

So- that is the end to my rambling. Hope you enjoy this Valentine's post card. I thought she was lovely and the coloring is really delicate. I have one more very special card to share that my sister found - A true treasure. Wait and see for Postcard Friendship Friday! Also, I plan to post about a fabulous collectible I bought from my dear friend Laura. So, stay tuned for vintage goodness...