Monday, March 15, 2010

Parisian Treasure #1

Meet Pierrot -- The sweet, dear soul who pines for the lovely Columbine. This little clown has been cast aside for another beau, Harlequin ... Truly, a story of unrequited love. Pierrot's vain attempt at courting was met with only rejection and scorn. So here he sits, playing his mandolin and nursing a broken heart.
Made of gilded metal, this romantic sculpture is a mere 4-1/4" tall. He is seated on a green and brown marble base. His tarnished appearance only adds to the shabby charm of this piece.

I found him at a little shop in one of the markets in Paris. Even though he was a costly little trinket, I feel the sculpture has a fantastic appeal to the hunter and gatherer of "smalls". It will make a dramatic focal point for any collection.

If you'd like to see a little more of Pierrot, please visit here for pricing and dimensions.