Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drink Me...

"~Many Curious Things I See When Telling Fortunes In Your Tea~"

For this week's Vintage Thingy Thursday I thought I would share a fascinating little teacup. This particular piece is Aragon and composed of fine china. What makes it special you ask? Why, it's a divination cup! Used to decipher one's future, this magical little demitasse delights both young and old. Called tasseography, tea reading is a Turkish tradition usually initiated with the left over thick coffee grinds. For the practice itself, one must drink almost all of the tea (or coffee) and leave only a swish left in the mug. The clairvoyant then turns the cup upside down and waits for the grounds to stick to particular places in the cup. From there she leads her sitter down the murky path of the future.

Shop News: The big sign has been made and is en route to Flotsam & Jetsam. I'm very excited about getting the sign up - I think it will make a difference in traffic flow at the shop. Once people know what I am, they will hopefully flock to the newest little boutique in town!