Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Past Lives

Sometimes looking at an old photograph can bring back the most poignant of memories. Maybe your crazy Uncle Vern or your beloved baby cousin Prudence... Whatever the case, many of us collect old images simply for the sheer delight. Let's meet the above little miss... Wearing her best dress and made to look like a true living doll. Her French background makes her all the more intriguing and wonderful. Her clothing probably weighs more than she does!
Take this little boy for instance ... What is his story? Did he just get a proper suit or perhaps a new pair of spectacles. He wonders, "What will my friends think? Will they pick on me or accept me for my new attire?" "Will I be picked last for the sport teams now?"
Last, but not least, we have the rebellious flapper with her short bob and cloche. What a fabulous fashion statement! Just think how she felt walking down the streets in the 20s, a new powerful presence exhibiting what women can and will do.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting some of my friends... I love studying images such as these and I'll be posting more as time goes on. I also have some great wine labels to share so stay tuned:)