Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Falling" Into Autumn

I love Fall... It's the time of year when you can start thinking about sweaters and cocoa and hot tea... Ahhh....

In celebration of the season, I thought I'd share a beautiful lady all dressed up for a masquerade - This image is either from The Graphics Fairy or Miss Mary's Gazette, both wonderful sites for finding amazing vintage clip art and inspiration.

Having somehow caught a vicious cold from my dear hubby, I haven't been able to do much Halloween/Fall decoration. Sleeping late today helped put me in a better mood so hopefully some "ghosts" will come out of the closet this afternoon:) But I did want to show 2 extra shots of my special smalls. I have a tall curio cabinet that I snagged for a song via Catchpenny's and The Shabby Chic (Warrenton, NC Fabulousness!)... Anyways, this cabinet is filled to the brim (and still adding!) with my world of curiosities. I decorated the top with some old millinery flowers and an uncovered parasol. Click on the large cabinet image to see some of the small things I collect including old photographs, childrens pottery, handmade items and lots more!