Sunday, September 7, 2008

Images of Beauty

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden is a delightful journey to another land- The land of Britain with its flora and fauna. Mrs. Holden's thoughts are detailed in lovely paintings and words... Much in the style of Beatrix Potter. She has written her favorite poems and observations in a collection kept in the penmanship it was originally written.

What makes Country Diary a book to be discovered lies not only in its words and pictures but also in the author's life. Edith Holden was born in 1871 at Kings Norton, Worcester. While in Warwickshire, she wrote and illustrated the treasure I mention here. She continued to paint and write and published several books focused on animals; sadly, it was her inquisitive nature which led to her tragic death. While gathering buds from chestnut trees at Kew, she drowned in the Thames at the age of 49.

I encourage you to find a copy of this book for your personal collection- Each month is breathtakingly illustrated and will be a lovely addition to your seasonal decor.

"The last of our summer visitants has taken his departure; About a fortnight ago a chiff-chaff was constantly to be seen hopping about the Gooseberry bushes in the garden; - the last to leave us, he is usually the first to arrive. But the tom-tits are returning in great numbers ..."

-- The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, Edith Holden, October 21