Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whimsical Wares

Hi all-
Before I start my series of book reviews, I thought I would share a view recent purchases ... If you're a regular reader of my post, you've probably gotten the hint that I like stuff. Not just any stuff mind you - Interesting, quirky stuff. And that's what I'm going to share with you today!

A few months ago, in either Country Home or Country Living, Poppy Treffry ( was spot lighted. As a big fan of either previous mentioned mag, I took their advice and looked up the seller. Fabulous stuff- Tea cozies, bags, quirky kitchen supplies- Fun all around. Problem is - a little pricey. So, I passed and looked longfully at the bags. Speed ahead to first big Rubylane sale - Celebration time! You got it- I bought my Poppy Treffry bag! The bag is the one with the butterflies ... Whopee! It's crossing the big wide ocean now. Let's hope it's doing OK.

See the fun, fun, fun wreath- Courtesy of Katie Runnels at www. Be sure to check out her links page and see her shop on Etsy. Did I say fun yet? She's a Savannah College of Art Alumni and lives in my home state of South Carolina ...

Ok- so, yes, I did buy a second pocket book this month. But I do get credit b/c the last one I bought was like 4 months ago and it was a steal (Coach for $20 at Gresham!). Anyways, the "Dream Boat Tote" is made by Lori Marie at Pretty Little Things ( She has been featured on Martha Stewart twice, Parents Magazine, Lucky and tons more. And she's super nice! What more could one ask for??? Her little totes are adorable- Several months ago I went for the Doll Face Clutch:) So cute and looks great in the Dream Boat Tote!

The oh so precious gnome tags were a definite hit for me! I had no idea the quality and craftsmanship of these little guys when I ordered them from Shaving Kit Supplies on Etsy A definite must for anyone who loves red hatted small people:) And the freebie she sent was so cute- One of those vintage style pipe cleaner Halloween thingys!

Well, now that my wallet is empty, I should go back to work. I've gotta put some Halloween things out at the booths and list some new finds on Rubylane. I'd love to know if you've visited so please take a moment and comment - I'll be sure to reply back!