Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Have You Been Up To Mrs. Newton?

This question you may ask yourself when I talk of sprees to D.C. (and of being lazy with my last couple of posts!). Well, I decided to take a few pictures of the new beautiful additions to our home... For this post, I'll try to focus on the larger pieces; next time, I want to share the smaller things I've been able to find.

All the furniture was purchased from my friend Beth, proprietress of Osiris. Although she's giving up her brick and mortar store, she will thankfully still be online. But since she no longer needs her large book storage pieces, Ben and I graciously took them off her hands! (To our great benefit!)

The new old antique poster over the mantel is another fabulous find - I can't describe how lucky I was to find this original c. 1910 Pierrot image. Its color and style is just what our den needed!
Another great piece is this Art Nouveau wall clock - Although not from Beth, it did hail from another dear soul- Sam, Raleigh's Resident Designer:) Find out about him at SuzAnna's Antiques (he has the best taste and the most wonderful items!)... The Gothic watercolor is from DC though- a British piece simultaneously haunting and comforting - Truly an inspiring image of the beauty of decay.

The c. 1900 Art Nouveau armoire is a piece de resistance... I never thought I'd find something in this time period that would be affordable! And yet, we have been blessed with so many wonderful friends who truly love antiques just as we do. Just look at that hardware!

And so this is what the life of an antiques' dealer consists of - The ebb and flow of items to and from one's home. Even though these items are mine for now, one day they may be passed on to another lover of old. The last couple of weeks have been occupied with moving and primping, purging and collecting - Once again finding that the flotsam and jetsam of our lives is temporal.