Sunday, September 21, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things ...

As an antiques dealer, my favorite objects are those that fit in the palm of my hand - The wonderful world of "smalls."
I took a few pictures of the items I treasure - Some are things I've picked up at flea markets and antique stores; others are gifts from dear friends. Come with me and I'll show you my cabinet of curiosities!

First up is an old store display cabinet. I've set up vignettes around it to establish a sense of continuity in my decorating scheme. As you can see on top of the cabinet, I have selected tones of red and pink to create a warm look. The garnet memorial pendant was a birthday gift from my husband purchased at the Lady and the Librarian (refer to my favorite links for a quick view of their Rubylane shop). The cute pink velvet vintage head band is from Catchpenny's, and the shoes are from Isabella's booth at Gresham Lake. The lovely metal Victorian child bell is from Green Lion Antiques, owned by the fabulous Mr. Tim Green - Be sure to check him out on my links as well.

The last image on this post captures a favorite find- An original watercolor in the style of Howard Christy / Charles Dana Gibson. She was a true steal - I don't remember paying over $10 for this fabulous piece of art! I hung a cute vintage mask over the frame and draped some old millinery flowers over the top to add a feminine touch. Splayed in a small grouping are some button cards that I've collected- The red ones are cut glass and the other two are mother of pearl (MOP as well call them in the trade:)).

*Be sure to click on each image to fully enjoy the detail of the objects ...

Have a wonderful week and enjoy these first few days of Fall!