Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Come One, Come All to the Gresham Mall!

I've been promising updated pictures of my booths ... So, here are a couple of shots showing my newest items and displays.

Madame Mozelle (the lovely mannequin) was a thoughtful gift from my dear friend Bobbi at Catch Penny. Mozelle is swathed in a beautiful vintage kimono - Fabulous lounge wear! Also visible in this picture is a Victorian lace bodice - truly a treasure worthy of display. The hand work on this top is breathtaking. At least 7 different types of lace and trim were used to create a visually stunning textile masterpiece.

I love tiny things, and I've realized a great way to display these items is in old printer's trays. These special little ditties are fantastic for jewelry as well as mixed media and other art and craft projects. I search for unusual trinkets, including coins, baubles and buttons, which make excellent accent pieces for art work.

Another specialty of Flotsam and Jetsam is notions, particularly old lace. The colors really move me- And I find I'm not alone in this fascination with the vintage pieces. I decided to display my textile wares in an antique trunk - This setting helps to convey a sense of time and keeps the pieces somewhat organized. I attempt to use soothing beige and white tones in the trunk but sometimes I slip up and put a few rose tinted pieces in it as well.

As you see in the overall shot of one of my booths, I sell a variety of merchandise. The large white case contains some of my most precious treasures, including vintage dolls, antique jewelry, and beaded purses. As a new dealer, I'm trying to build my inventory - This means carefully selecting pieces that I both love and can sell. Sometimes I make a mistake - but that's all part of the process. So far, this purveyor's journey has been an amazing blessing from God. I am thankful to have the chance to work with objects and share them with clients who love them as much as I do!