Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Little Majolica Lesson

This post is just a little FYI for my readers. I worked several years at a fabulous French antique store called Sparrows ( While there, I learned about a variety of French and European antiques. For instance, majolica is a very collectible form of ceramic art.

While at a recent auction, an Onnaing French Arts and Crafts pitcher came up for bid. I kept the faith and won the piece. I did a little research upon returning home and confirmed that the item was indeed authentic. After my glorious win, I did notice, however, that a hairline crack was visible on the lip - but so it goes in the world of old.

I am enjoying having the pitcher on display in my case at Gresham Lake. While Onnaing is not considered the highest quality of Majolica (refer to Marilyn C. Karmason's book Majolica: A Complete History and Illustrated Survey pg. 184), it does have a charm all its own.

If you're interested in learning more about majolica, visit Also, reference the aforementioned Karmason book for a scholarly and brilliant study of the subject.