Monday, June 16, 2008

Intimate Vignettes

For the next couple of posts, I'm going to talk about some of the tiny scenes around my house. I create vignettes with my trinkets, books, and other treasures to make our home more interesting and personal. Perhaps you will be inspired to do the same in your intimate spaces!

This image encompasses some of my favorite objects. The Pierrot clown was purchased from a dear friend of mine, Tim Green. He is also an antiques dealer and has an online shop at He sales the most magical, whimsical items. Tell him Stacey sent you!

Displayed around the trinket dish are Czechoslovakian glass Art Deco buttons on their original cards! These treasures were found at CatchPenny, a fabulous store in Warrenton, NC. Bobbi Corker is the owner and a dear friend... Her artistry is revealed in every inch of her store.

Another outstanding item is the polymer clay girl house pin. This handmade brooch was bought through Esty. Mamazakka is the username- so, the website is

Right at the little feet of the house is a fabulous button that I just found last week in Hawaii. It's a metal Bavarian button with a delicate hand painted mushroom scene. So adorable! The dealer I purchased this from told me about the National Button Society; I took her advice and joined immediately upon returning home. If you're into buttons, check out their website:

On the far left corner of the photograph is a tobacco card with a rather risque "circus" girl. In today's standards, she seems quite tame, but we can assume this photo would have been buried deep in a gentleman's bureau. I purchased this little ditty at the Raleigh Fair Grounds Flea Market. This venue is a great resource and I encourage all collectors to visit! I find a unique tresure each time I go:)

In the upper right hand corner is a stereoscope image with a little girl studying. What really caught my eye were her fabulous stripped stockings! How lovely and whimsical:) Once again, the lovely Bobbi of Catchpenny was the purveyor of this fabulous piece!

Last but not least is the postcard displayed in the upper left hand corner. A Victorian image of a little girl bundled against the cold holding a squirrel. He seems rather chipper on her bright red glove. As I've mentioned previously, ephemera is a big obsession of mine and postcards are no exception. Mr. Squirrel and Friend was found at the DC Big Flea several years ago. A fabulous show held 5 times a year in Chantilly, VA. I'll be there with bells on this July for a buying trip!

Well, that's it for this little scene. I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit more about my quirky collections...

I'll be back next time with a masculine vignette in honor of Mr. Flotsam and Jetsam.