Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Fall" in Love with Antiques!

Ok- So, I know it's a little early to be talking about Fall ... But since it's my favorite season, I must be given a little mercy!

Antiques are a wonderful way to bring seasonal change into your home. For instance, this cool shoe "planter" (found at Mary's booth at Gresham Lake) is an accent piece just waiting to happen. Imagine tall black glittery sticks coming from the center - All draped in moss and leaves... Elegantly gothic for the upcoming All Hallow's Eve!

Continuing on the theme of color and seasons, let's look at a few other pieces at Gresham. The vintage Pekingese(?) dog bookends are so cute- And great for adding some brown and gold tones to your home. These darlings are in Laura and Darby's booth. Be sure to browse their other wares for wonderful books and jewelry - Both great for adding color to your home and your wardrobe!

As you can tell, I have a real "hoot" working:) And so do these precious owl figures! Owls are a favorite collectible ... I myself have a few tucked around the house. Just think how cute these little guys would be in a child's room holding school books and urging a little scholar on! A great gift item for a budding naturalist!

While on the subject of winged creatures, I thought I'd show off my newest splurge ... A vintage metal bird cage! I can't wait to make vignettes using this beauty as a centerpiece. For Fall, I'll have a stuffed owl with some spooky bits and pieces ... For Winter, an assortment of tiny colored birds floating all around with glitter and sparkles- Maybe some fairy lights! For Spring... Well, you'll just have to come over and see!

I'm off this weekend to DC - Again you say? Yes- Again! My friend Beth is unfortunately closing up her wonderful shop (but thankfully she will still be online- I'll post her venue once I get the info). I'll be returning to Raleigh with tons of her items - books, library furniture, and some great odds and ends... I just don't know where I'll put it all! (But isn't that half the fun?)... I'll also be attending the Baltimore Antique Show. I missed it last year but did go in 2006 and had a wonderful time ... Beautiful items. Not a place to go for bargains but def a time to learn and view quality merchandise. I'll take as many pics as I can and share them with you! Have a blessed Labor Day weekend ... And do a little antiquing while you're out and about!