Monday, August 25, 2008

Trinkets and Treasures!

As a vendor at Gresham Lake Mall, I am often there sprucing things up... And finding some incredible deals and wonderful items from my fellow dealers. For the next few posts, I plan on spotlighting some of the beautiful displays and vignettes my coworkers lovingly create.

First up, we have Tina, a fabulous all around dealer. She specializes in vintage clothing, jewelry, and items with a nostalgic feminine touch. Just today I purchased 2 chandeliers!

Then we have a cute image from one of the closet spaces. Just look at those bunnies! I believe these ladies have entitled their business "Gifted Memories."

Next is a little display courtesy of Sherry, our Retro Diva. She has great taste and knowledge in reference to mid century memorabilia. If you look at an earlier post, you'll see the most adorable button jar which was kindly found by Ms. Sherry.

Not to be excluded from having some simply fabulous oddities is Gloria. The ceramic toilet set is just one of many doll house furnishings she currently has available. And did I mention lamps? The woman saved my booth from darkness with her wonderful tall floor lamp - How can I ever thank her?

Last but not least is a little glimpse of the abounding bibelots available in Tracy's little nook. I can't recall all the wonderful items I've found in her stash- Anything ranging from 19th c. books to tiny toys are her niche.

I've got plenty more eye candy for next time so stop back to see more Gresham goodies!