Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a Small World

Most collectors love tiny treasures - trinkets that can be placed in a home to add personality and flavor... I am one such antiquer!

Continuing the theme of virtual browsing at Gresham Lake, this post includes some adorable shots of miniature objects just waiting for a new home. The exotic fabric dolls are in Gayle's booth - Aren't they precious? What a great way to bring culture in to a child's room!

The cute painted white furniture is available at Tracy's booth- She has several room set-ups for your doll houses and tiny vignettes - She even has a retro TV "playing" Get Smart!

Traveling to another exotic locale are Laura and Darby with their precious Asian figurines... Wonderful accents for a kitchen ledge or over the fireplace.

The next image takes a look at a hot new collectible - Vegetable people! A recent article in Antiques and Collectibles spot lighted this trend and showed some adorable images of fruit and veggie postcards, tea towels, and kitchen ware. I love these guys and have considered bringing them home with me!

The last picture shows Molly's wonderful taste in holiday smalls ... Great for adding some vintage flavor to your seasonal decor.

So- after all this window shopping, you must be tired and ready for a little relaxation! Well, I've got you covered. Over the next few posts, I plan to highlight some great books ranging from research material to general fiction- You don't want to miss out on these reviews ... I'm a very selective reader!