Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pleasant Playthings

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Angela Peterson Doll and Miniature Museum in High Point, NC is a fantastic collection of antique dolls and toys. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing the numerous figures; the Museum has a broad field of doll types including ethnic, Shirley Temple, early American, creche, Madame Alexander, Victorian porcelain, celluloid ... The list goes on!
The traveling exhibits are also excellent. The current show on view is focused on American Cloth Dolls. The previous exhibit was French Porcelain Dolls.

These images show some of my favorite items, from the wonderful Colonial dolls to the beautiful Santo head. Also pictured is a Joel Ellis doll - Here's a little information on it courtesy of Memorial Hall Museum online: "A man by the name Joel Ellis formed The Vermont Novelty Works in the 1850s in Springfield, Vermont. The company invented and patented jointed dolls and doll carriages." The Ellis form is stunning and in perfect condition for this type of figure.

I encourage you to venture out and visit your local museums, whether they be focused on dolls, local lore, or even Egyptian mummies (this last item is in reference to the mummy at the Charleston Museum)! Support these treasure troves - You never know what you might discover!