Monday, January 25, 2010

Bathing Beauties and Naughty Nellies!

Bawdy bisques are fun, slightly scandalous figurines in a delicate size. I've recently come across two of these tantalizing dolls during my forays into area antique malls.**I had no idea what I had found! After some research I realized that both figures are made by the German manufacturer Galluba and Hofmann. Made c. 1910, these beauties are representative of the perfect figure at that time. These ladies would have been sold either free standing or attached to a box of candy.

Even with the bodice torn on the relaxed doll, it is still book valued between $700 to $900. The standing beauty is valued between $700 and $1000. Both of the figurines retain their original mohair wig; the reading lady has one tiny chip on her left hand (which probably reduces her value to $500 or so).

So, next time you're in an antique mall, be sure to look for a deal- You never know what you'll find!

I plan on putting both of these lovelies on Rubylane to hopefully find some keen collectors of naughty bisques!

**I found one doll at the Antique Station in Frederick, Maryland and the other at the Emmitsburg Antique Mall in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Both malls have several quality dealers (along with the ever present junk) BUT I wasn't able to finish either mall in the 2-1/2 hours I spent there. So, bring your comfy shoes and be prepared to hunt!**