Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Precious Little One

I found this wonderful scrap on our trip to PA at a lovely little bookstore called the Doe Run Valley Book shop. I thought this piece was especially interesting because it advertised Godey's Lady's Book. For $2 a year, a patron was given "1000 pages of Reading, comprehending Poetry, Stories, Sketches, History, Novels, Dialogues, and Charades by the best magazine writers of the day..." What a bargain! One of the interesting things about this advertisement is the emphasis on "Full Size Cut Paper Patterns." 1885 is such a different world from today! Fashions are found by most in the mall or out of catalogues whereas they were found on the pages of magazines and books during
the 19th century.

I thought this little "Sleeping Love" cupid would be perfect in a Valentine's collage or card. I'm trying to collect more colored images but I thought this one was quite special. Enjoy!