Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shiny Sparkling Snowflakes

They say each one is different - Snowflakes are just as unique as people. And the same can be said for many things which are handmade. Our stamp gets put on those pieces we create. No one will ever make something in the same way you do ...

All this talk of individuality leads me to share the ornaments that I made with my family over the holidays. Using Austrian Swarovski crystals and wooly felt balls we made a wonderful crafty interpretation of snowflakes!

Using a wire form we placed the crystals on the snowflake and then interspersed the felt balls in the pattern. The balls are a little tricky to use - I had to handle a very large leather needle in order to make the initial hole in the felt. But once that is finished, you just slip the crystals and felt on and all is well! I do recommend using a felt ball on the tip of each arm- It's a little awkward to finish with a bead- I broke several trying to do that... So, for all your crafty needs (and for more on this project and so much more!) visit Ornamentea- It's the most fabulous store!

***On a completely different topic, I have been brainstorming about having an online digital presence using my eclectic collection of ephemera. Would you readers (and other crafty gals and gents) be interested in purchasing some digital copies of my Victorian images and books? I have a great collection full of pieces that I've not shared on the blog- So new and fresh merchandise. Please let me know if you think this is something I should pursue... I'm really excited about this so hopefully you all will be too!***